About us

About us

Date: 2019-04-19

AV Imports has been founded by an old hand, the not so old hand and the young gun to represent three very special audio brands. NAD electronics that we have known since 1978, PSB since 1999 and BLUESOUND since 2014.

Francois van Rooyen’s first introduction to NAD was the NAD 3030 integrated amp. Supposedly a 30W per channel amplifier, by NAD’s standards, it swept the floor with other brands rated at 90W plus, driving a pair of Quad ESL 63 electrostatics with aplomb. Schalk Burger Snr has been a NAD dealer and enthusiast 1979 and Schalk JNR grew up in a NAD home.

NAD’s unique and special qualities created a love and passion for the brand that remains stronger than ever. The current line-up of NAD products is as advanced and as market leading as in its early years and remain true to the founding principles and core values that made the brand a house hold name in South Africa amongst the many fond owners, users and music lovers.

BLUESOUND based on technology developed and used in the original NAD M50 CD Player/Transport/ Music Ripper has established itself as the ‘go to’ brand for serious music lovers wanting the best in affordable music streaming and wireless multi-room capability.

PSB speakers also founded in 1972, along with NAD, is one of Canada and the USA’s highest regarded premium speaker brands. It is the premium match to NAD electronics and BLUESOUND hi-fi products.

AV Imports' purpose is to import and distribute premium audio equipment.

We will always remain true to the principles of honesty, the truth, satisfaction, commitment to providing the highest level of service

The owners share a passion and a love for music.

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