Date: 2019-04-01

"Everything from the materials used to the outstanding comfort that they offer, the HP70s really hit all the right notes," says writer Peter Pialis in his Headphone Guru review of NAD's first wireless headphone. Already familiar with NAD's critically acclaimed over-ear headphone, the HP50, Pialis says its wireless successor delivers a remarkable acoustic performance. "While quite reminiscent of their previously highly touted HP50, the new HP70 brings along a lot more functionality and still maintains their incredibly clear and transparent sound."

Featuring three built-in listening modes, Bluetooth aptX HD, and NAD's innovative RoomFeel technology, the HP70 was designed to deliver a detailed soundstage that allows listeners to hear their favourite songs in lush, vivid realism. "Right from the outset, the superb tonality and richness of the HP70s had me smiling from ear to ear," says Pialis. Listening to music by John Coltrane and Miles Davis, Pialis describes a particular moment when using the HP70's ANC mode while out for a walk. "The noise cancelling really helped here as it was able to block much of the outside background noise and allowed the details of this epic recording shine through." Not only did Pialis find the HP70's performance to be incredible, he also found them to be quite comfortable as well. "Build quality and comfort were also fantastic and I could use them for several hours without any hint of discomfort."

Pialis goes on to further say that "the HP70's bass quality, impact and detail is outstanding and definitely the best I've heard from a wireless pair of headphones." In conclusion, Pialis says that if listeners "want a pair of noise cancelling, wireless headphones, but also yearn for truly audiophile level experience, I strongly suggest you give the NAD HP70s an audition."

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