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Date: 2019-04-01

Before he got the chance to review the PSB M4U 8—the first wireless headphone from PSB Speakers—writer Robert Harley reveals he was already a fan of PSB’s headphones as a proud owner of the award-winning M4U 2 active noise cancelling headphone. “I bought [the M4U 2] at their introduction and have spent many hundreds of hours with them in many different listening environments,” says Harley in his review for The Absolute Sound. While the M4U 2 may have made an undeniable impression on him, Harley says PSB’s latest headphone lives up to the standard set by its predecessor. “The M4U 2 is a tough act to follow, but PSB has done it again with its new M4U 8, a significant rethinking of the original design.”

Featuring aptX HD Bluetooth, three unique listening modes, and PSB’s exclusive RoomFeel™ technology, the PSB M4U 8’s true-to-nature sound brings listeners closer to the music they love. When describing the overall design of the M4U 8, Harley says “the new model is slimmer and sleeker, and has a more refined and sophisticated look and feel.” In terms of performance, Harley says the M4U 8 surpasses the M4U 2 when listening in active mode. “Comparing the M4U 2 and the M4U 8 (in active mode), the new model is significantly better than its predecessor.”

Harley goes on to say that “what makes the M4U 8 so compelling is its combination of an easy-going top end with excellent resolution of detail and transient information.” Harley concludes that the PSB M4U 8 “is not only a great performer, it is also a spectacular value.”

Read the full review of the M4U 8 in the December 2018 issue of The Absolute Sound

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