BlueSound DUO-Bl 2.1

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BLUESOUND - 2 Satellite speakers and Active subwoofer Black gloss - Superb sounding system - 2 yr warranty Review - "System buyers will delight in knowing that the Bluesound Duo sounds just plain wonderful driven by the Powernode," notes Michael Lavorgna in his February 4, 2014 review for Audiostr


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BluOS streamer, CD Ripper and 2 Terrabyte hard drive White - 2 yr warranty Review: "To state the obvious, if you're looking for a multi-room high-res-capable system that sounds better than Sonos, add Bluesound to that "you really ought to audition this" list." www.audiostream.com


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Wireless Streaming Multi-room Audio Speaker - 2 yr warranty Review: "Our Verdict The Pulse 2 ushers in a new era of high-fidelity wireless speakers. It's the multiroom sound system your High-Res Audio collection has been waiting for" www.techradar.com


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BluOS streamer, Stereo hybrid digital amplifier, 2 x 60w White Review: "Verdict: A gift from the audio gods to humankind" www.budgethometheater.net


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T758 V3 AV Receiver BluOS network wireless Multi-room Audio plus BLUESOUND FLEX 2 Streaming Speaker extra zone Review: "There is little to say against the NAD T 758 V3, clean sound that plays loud without distortion, Dolby Atmos, Ultra HD passthrough, and the best room correction I've heard to

BlueSound FLEX 2

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FLEX 2 Wireless Streaming speaker Review "FLEX 2 Outstanding build quality Beefy, well-balanced sound Supports a wide range of streaming services and hi-res formats Portable with optional battery" www.trustedreviews.com

BlueSound FLEX 2

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PULSE Premium Streaming Wireless Speaker A big, bold and expressive speaker that'll fill even the biggest rooms with its rich, engaging sound