BluOS 3.8 News Release and More

BluOS 3.8 News Release and More

Date: 2020-04-07

Dear Bluesound Distributor Partners,

Today we released BluOS 3.8.
Users with BluOS on their device will be prompted to update their BluOS players, at which time, they will gain important updates and access to numerous improvements, including:

  • Addition of POWERNODE products to Bluesound Home Theater groups
  • Expanded IR learning capabilities
  • Support for MQA-CD ripping on BLUESOUND VAULT
  • Support for BluOS Controller when multitasking on iOS devices
  • Custom Channels and Qsic, new music streaming services for businesses and commercial spaces

Below is a link to the BluOS 3.8 Media Toolkit containing the press release, various Bluesound Home Theater setup option images, Home Theater screenshots as well as a POWERNODE Home Theater animation.

BluOS 3.8 Media Toolkit

While we’re talking about the expanded possibilities of the POWERNODE with BluOS 3.8, what better time than to share John Darko’s exceptionally compelling YouTube video entitled “Escape the ‘world of crazy’ with the Bluesound POWERNODE 2i.”

We encourage you to watch it through to the end and use its powerful message to assist your Bluesound sales efforts.

Good Luck and Good Selling!

Matt Simmonds
Bluesound Product Manager
Lenbrook International

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