NAD, PSB, Bluesound - Insurance Claims - What to do?

NAD, PSB, Bluesound - Insurance Claims - What to do?

Date: 2020-03-19

In cases where NAD/PSB/Bluesound products have been damaged or stolen and the cause thereof allows you to claim from your insurers, below follows advice that may be helpful.

The general principle is, provided that the insured value is sufficient, you should then be allowed to be placed in the same position after the occurrence, as before. Whether that is via the item being repaired or replaced or receiving the reinstatement value.

The ‘like-for-like’ principle is a two-edged sword - the insured cannot claim for a superior item and the insurer cannot replace with an inferior item.

If possible the item must be replaced by the insurer with the exact item of the same brand. If not, it must be a broadly similar item of the same brand and an item of similar functions that is important to the insured. In the case where the item can be repaired, full functionality must be restored, including long term reliability. You do not have to settle for less and do not do so.

Part of any replaced product is the warranty provided by the distributor. Hence the insured must ensure that the entity/dealer replacing the item, is an authorised AV Imports dealer. If you are in doubt, please e-mail us at or call 082 571 6568 / 016 422 4571 to verify the status of the dealer.

Where you require a damage report and/or quote, we shall assist you to obtain it from a authorised service center. Where items are to be replaced, our own experience and knowledge of NAD and PSB goes back to 1978, in order to recommend the correct replacement.

We want to ensure that you as the end user is served by a dealer/sales person that knows our products and how to extract the maximum performance and enjoyment from it.

Yours faithfully
Francois van Rooyen. BA.LLB
Managing Director
082 571 6568
February 2020

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